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Our mission statement

Our purpose is to provide musicians with musical instruments that capture their love for music, and allows them to experience it to the full. We are a musical instrument manufacturing company, crafting instruments that musicians desire. We listen to our customers, the market and the global music community to ensure they are provided with the instruments that make their sound, great.

With respect for the world we have been given, the “Ruach Breathe” initiative focusses on minimizing the companies carbon footprint.


Making instruments which give musicians the best sound


Based in Kilkeel

Brought up in the coastal town of Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, with a love for music and woodwork, at the age of 16 I decided to build my very own cajon after playing one for the first time at a jam at my friends house. The reason? I couldn't afford one, but I also wanted to try and make one that sounded even better!


First Cajon

The result was something that very much looked like it was thrown together with scrap wood in a garage (it was), but it sounded beautiful. And so, as a hobby whilst at school, I decided I would advertise my cajons online as “custom cajons,” offering a simplistic “snare lock” mechanism which would in time become the “2-way snare lock” featured in the MK2 and MK3 models.


Initial designs

This feature was introduced so as the snares would not move during prolonged use, and ensure the users sound was consistent throughout their performance whilst giving them the option to pull off the snares instantly - this proved to be a great selling point. As I progressed with my A-Levels, percussionists from around the UK were becoming familiar with my work, and continued calling me up (often during class time) asking me to introduce features to their custom cajons they wanted me to build. A theme began reoccurring again, and again.. A kick pedal built inside the cajon.


First MK3

At first, I thought it wasn’t feasible and there was a reason why no other manufacturer was offering it on the market. But curiosity got the better of me, and many designs were sketched down and prototyped trying to make the kick work as best possible. Many evenings after school later, the first MK3 was completed with the infamous internal bass pedal featured. The first Ruach MK3 was made for a customer in Scotland who worked closely with me ensuring the finished unit met his specification.


Matchetts Music Partnership

After this, I quickly realised this hobby had potential to become a business, and so in the summer of 2013 after finishing my A-Levels, I secured my first retailer, Matchetts Music, Belfast, and began to pursue my dream.

Matchetts Music


Current Team

I have since been expanding the Ruach team, manufacturing facility and supply chain - introducing new products and accessories to the market. With plans to continue to innovate within the music industry, we exist to make your music sound great!

Ruach Breathe

For every cajon purchased we plant a tree

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