• Internal Kick Pedal
  • 3-Way Snare Lock
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Detachable Handles
  • icon Cherry Body

For the flagship Live Cajon, we have taken our unique snare switching system and adapted it to create a three way snare lock. The intuitive design of the three way snare locking system provides the musician with complete control over the high end snare sounds produced by the cajon, simply by adjusting the amount of contact between the snare wires and the tapa. Meanwhile the cherry veneered body combined with our bass pedal system maintains a tight, rich low end, making the Live Cajon our most sonically versatile cajon in the range. The internal aluminium structure provides a robust frame without adding noticeable weight or colouring the sound. In addition to the aluminium frame, detachable handles make the cajon incredibly easy to transport.




LIVE Cajon Demonstration

LIVE Cajon Sample

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