Ruach Road Stompbox

This is definitely the one for the road


Handmade in Northern Ireland from solid Ash, the Ruach Road Stompbox incorporates a 1⁄4” jack output with a passive pickup – no need for batteries. Plug this straight into a PA system, shape the EQ to your preference and you have yourself the perfect “kick” sound every time you tap this with your foot!

Its non-slip base and low profile makes it easy to use and eye catching to every onlooker with its unique, ergonomic shape using the well recognised Ruach emblem. This is definitely the one for the road.

Kick Drum like tone

Endless hours were spent tweaking the design to ensure a true kick drum tone would be achieved with this Stompbox – and we are happy to say it does exactly this!

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Unique Ruach Low Profile Shape

To make this stompbox stand out from the rest, we designed this using our Ruach Teardrop emblem as inspiration for the enclosure – making it low profile to ensure ease of use!

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Plug and Play

With no batteries or power supply required, simply take this on stage – plug it into the PA desk and that’s it! A simple, effective stompbox – as it should be!

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