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  • Free Delivery on orders over £100
  • Global Delivery & Same day dispatch
  • Got a question? See our FAQ’s

Amplifying the worlds love for music

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Mission Statement

Our aims and values

We are a musical instrument brand, amplifying the worlds love for music.

Ruach is a company at the heart of the music industry. Focusing on experience and discovery – we exist to provide quality instruments for artists to enjoy, a platform for new music to be found and distinguished opportunity for emerging artists.

Our Story

The journey so far

The Beginning

Brought up in the coastal town of Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, with a love for music and woodwork, at the age of 16, Stephen decided to build his very own cajon after playing one for the first time at a jam at a friends house. The reason? He couldn’t afford one, but he also wanted to try and make one that sounded even better!

The result was something that very much looked like it was thrown together with scrap wood in a garage (it was), but it sounded beautiful. As he progressed through school, percussionists from around the UK were becoming familiar with his work, and continued calling him up (often during class time) asking him to introduce features to their custom cajons they wanted him to build. A theme began reoccurring again, and again.. A kick pedal built inside the cajon.

First Innovation

At first, Stephen thought an internal kick pedal wasn’t feasible and there was a reason why no other manufacturer was offering this. But curiosity got the better of him, and many designs were sketched down and prototyped trying to make the kick work as best possible. Many evenings after school later, the first ‘MK3’ was completed with the infamous internal bass pedal featured. This sparked the beginning of Stephen’s passion for both music and business…

First Retailer

After this, Stephen quickly realised this hobby had potential to become a business, and so in the summer of 2013 after finishing his A-Levels, he secured my first retailer, Matchetts Music, Belfast, and began to pursue his dream.

First Distributor

By 2015, Stephen expanded Ruach’s catalogue to include a total of 5 cajons, a stompbox and a variety of accessories. As Ruach’s dealers increased in number, in the Summer of 2015 Ruach closed their first distribution deal with the globally recognised brand, Korg – cementing the Ruach brand in the MI Industry and increasing its reach and brand awareness significantly.


Following the ethos that Ruach was founded upon back in that garage in 2011; Ruach continues to listen to the market, and create products they desire – now offering Electric Guitars, Electric Basses, Hardwood Pedalboards, Effects Pedals, Cajons and more.

Ruach has grown significantly with an expanding team, manufacturing facility and supply chain. With plans to continue to innovate within the music industry, Ruach exists to amplify the worlds love for music.

Meet the team

Dedicated Award Winning Team

  • Stephen - CEO



  • Ivan - Production Manager


    Production Manager

  • Marina - Business Development Manager


    Business Development Manager

  • Sarah-Jayne - Videographer / Photographer


    Videographer / Photographer

  • David - Production Worker


    Production Worker

  • Andrew - Production Worker


    Production Worker

  • Conor - Product Design and Development Manager


    Product Design and Development Manager


What we’ve been accredited for!

  • 2018 - CITI Young Entrepreneur of the Year - UK

  • 2015 - IoD Young Director of the Year - Northern Ireland

  • 2014 - Invest NI (Propel Accelerator Programme) "Best Go To Market Strategy"

  • 2014 - American Ireland Funds Business Plan Competition - 2nd Place