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  • Free Delivery on orders over £100
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  • Got a question? See our FAQ’s

Bass Guitar / Custom Electric Guitar

The Ruach Skellig

The Ruach Skellig

The Ruach Skellig Bass Guitar started out as a custom bass guitar for Mark Hamilton from Ash ahead of their European tour.

Ash’s new album “Islands” portrays an image of Skellig Michael on their artwork – a mountain situated 8 miles off the coast of Portmagee in South West Kerry, Ireland. Rising from the sea, Skellig Michael towers 714ft above sea level. This custom bass appropriately features a hand carving of Skellig Michael and with an entirely unique body shape this new bass guitar is something we were very proud to present to Mark.

This bass made us smile that much, we decided we couldn’t not develop a new bass using inspiration from this build. Without wanting to loose that “limited edition” touch, we only made 12 guitars in this finish…once these 12 are gone, they are gone.

Ruach Skellig Bass Guitar Midnight Sunburst SL.


Only 12 out there

We decided to make 12 of these guitars, then stop. Why? To change things up, to make sure we always listen to what you want to see next, to remain creative and not become a boring factory churning out the same guitars…and because, why not?

So once these 12 are gone, they are gone forever…and we move onto our next creation!

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Ruach Developed Pickups

When this bass started it’s life on a sketchpad in the Ruach office in Northern Ireland, it became apparent very quickly that it was going to be something different in character than anything else out there. With this, we set out to create a set of single coils to partner the guitar in design with the perfect pickups – and we are proud to call them our own.

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Premium Quality Hardware

This Guitar appropriately comes fitted with a Schaller Bridge, Schaller Machine Heads, CTS Pots and a TUSQ Nut. This combined with the attention to detail throughout each and every production process leaves us with an instrument with immense sustain and tone.

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