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Ruach Infinity Series 2.5 Pedalboard (Walnut)



The Ruach Infinity Series Pedalboard has been designed with your ever changing pedal collection in mind. Thanks to its modular design – the comprehensive range of bolt on accessories and ability to alter its dimension, this pedalboard can evolve alongside your musical journey.

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Sized at 46x32x12.5cm (18.1″x12.6″x5″), the size 2.5 pedalboard has so much spec packed into it’s modest housing, holding 10 Standard Boss Effects Pedals comfortably with space underneath to mount your power supply. This board offers the option to install up to 12x ‘Ruach Solderless Locking Jacks’ or a ‘Ruach Warwick Pedalboard Patch Bay’ and ‘Ruach Infinity Series Pedalboard Name Plate’ for ultimate connect-ability. Ruach pedalboards come with self-adhesive premium hook-and-loop velcro, an arrangement of zip ties for tidying cables and a quality Ruach soft case meaning you will be jamming in no time!   

The engineered aluminium rails are designed to withstand the most enthusiastic of players, whilst ensuring weight is kept to a bare minimum. Partnered with a range of hand crafted hardwood sides, each pedalboard achieves a premium feel that only high quality materials and skilled craftsmanship can provide.

Once you require more, or less space on your pedalboard for your effects pedals – simply go to and order your custom ‘Ruach Infinity Series Pedalboard Extension Pack’ for a fraction of the price of a new pedalboard. Allowing you either to recycle your old aluminium bars, or keep them to change your size again in the future. In addition, if you would like to switch up your style, the Ruach hardwood sides can be swapped out for brand new set in a different finish.

We did not stop here in our desire to build the most adaptable pedalboard available. To ensure your board is 100% customisable, we developed a line of accompanying bolt-on accessories including; the ‘Ruach Infinity Series Pedalboard Locking Jack Adaptor’, ‘Ruach Warwick Pedalboard Patch Bay’ and ‘Ruach Infinity Series Pedalboard Name Plate’ – allowing for endless signal chain and power supply opportunities.

  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Construction
  • Lightweight Pedalboard
  • Quality Lacquer Finish
  • Ability to install up to 12x Ruach Solderless Locking Jacks
  • Ability to install up to 2x Ruach Warwick Pedalboard Patch Bays
  • Comes with Free Soft Case, Zip Ties, Self Adhesive Velcro and Ruach Name Plate
  • (Does not come with ‘Patch Bay’ or ‘Locking Jack Adaptor’ as seen in photos)
  • 46x32x12.5cm (18.1″x12.6″x5″)

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 460 × 320 × 125 mm

Kashmir (Walnut)

Pedalboard Type

Infinity Series




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What are solder less locking jacks?
Simply and securely lock your instrument cables at the start and end of your pedal chain, so no leads are accidentally pulled out during your face melting solos!

How do I wire up my board with the solderless locking jacks?
No solder means no hassle, just use a patch cable from the input locking jack on the underside of your board to your first pedal and use another patch cable from your last pedal to the output locking jack on the underside of the board.

What effects pedal power supplies will fit under the board?
The maximum usable space under your size 2.5 board is 42cm x 7cm x 9cm . We recommend the following popular effects pedal power supplies:

  • Strymon Zuma
  • Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
  • Harley Benton Power Plant
  • Palmer PWT 08
  • Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior
  • Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS7
  • Cioks DC5 Link
  • MXR M 238 Iso Brick

(Other power supplies are compatible, our suggestions are based on popularity)

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